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A New Clearing

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

And then, all at once,

she understood herself to be

a meadow, lush and wild

and spacious,

where all kinds of creatures

passed through.

The ones she used to fear,

who seemed the most menacing,

became her favorites.

She watched the wolf

roll in wildflowers

and the bear sit pensively,

looking at the sky.

Even the twilit bats,

with their ferocious swoops

and dives, became fascinating.

All these visitors,

wanting to be held

and then to be free.

She, as meadow,

could receive

each one of them

with love and curiosity.

And this clearing,

that she offered

and that she was,

became the place where

she learned how to live—

with all of herself—

for the first time.


Photo by Joel Holland

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