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The End of Vigilance

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Sisters, the time has come

to end the vigil,

this long watching


I am bone-sore

and soul-weary

from ritualizing the role

I was assigned at birth:

good woman

giving from my own drought,

silencing the storm inside me,

observing the lavish, living world from my leash.

I have lost sight of

the truth of me.

My vigilance rests on a lie

and all my strength and devotion,

which could fill oceans,

gets siphoned into

playing my part


But for whom?

The ruthless, ruinous


It is not for them to tell me who I am.

I close out this night-watch

with honor and respect for both

the careful, keen-eyed girl

who saw to my survival and

the fierce, feral creature

that has survived my domestication.

Tonight, I set them both free

to dance in the fertile darkness so that I may decide,

for myself, at last,

what I am.


Photo by BRDNK Vision

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