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Peal and Spark

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Lay me down

on the riverbank.

Be my bed

and my body

on the bed.

Wash the camouflage

from my face and neck,

undo my corset.

See me, naked

unhidden. This flesh

has a voice.

Talk with me

all night long.

I am here.

I am now. Come,

flow through me.

Take me

on a raucous romp

of awakening.

Turn me

upside down.

Shake the lies

from my ears

and loosen my grip

on the shards

and stones

I carry.

We are

a burning bell

that peals and sparks

for consummation,


ecstatic reunion,

all movement and breath,

light let loose in a body

divine and electric

changed by pleasure

not pressure.

The light is alive.

I will open my eyes

to let it in, my mouth

to let it out

if you will only


fill me up.


Photo by fsHH

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